Our experience differentiates us
from our competitors.

Hydrobiology is an environmental consulting company offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes of environmental systems. Our focus is technical excellence and high scientific expertise in our fields of work. We have been active in Southeast Asia since the organisation was first established in the early 2000s. Singapore is our first regional operations base in Asia.

Hydrobiology has a long history of undertaking projects throughout south east Asia.  We have experience with the extensive geographic and rich cultural diversity of the region, and have a deep understanding of high rainfall tropical ecosystems.

We offer technical skills to a range of industry sectors including mining, oil & gas, ports and harbours, and other industrial developments of various types.

We apply our skills to both marine and freshwater systems, including estuarine and marine flora and fauna ecology, habitat mapping, water and sediment quality monitoring, biomonitoring, ecotoxicology, river management and developing and implementing risk assessment frameworks.

We have developed an enviable reputation amongst our repeat clients for being the “go to” people for difficult and complex problems.

Mapping of Coastal and Marine Habitats in Singapore

Hydrobiology Singapore has been commissioned by the ‘National Parks Board’ (NParks) to map coastal habitats and shoreline types along the coastlines of Singapore. This is a very exciting project which requires the use of both remote sensing satellite imagery and ground truthing efforts to assess and characterise different coastal habitat and shoreline types throughout Singapore.…

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eDNA sampling

Hydrobiology has adopted environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling for a number of projects in recent years. We are currently undertaking eDNA sampling in Brazil using our purpose-made Smith-Root backpack. A few litres of water provide enough information to determine resident fish species via the latest trace DNA testing methods. This quick tool informs biomonitoring programs and is…

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Hydrobiology is now an approved Member of Singapore Water Association

Hydrobiology was recently approved as a member of Singapore Water Association (SWA).  Having more than 250 members, SWA is a dynamic collaboration among government sectors, institutions, consultants, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, who are the important players in Singapore’s growing water industry. Never defining itself only within the “red dot”, SWA has established a collaborative network…

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