Our experience differentiates us
from our competitors.

Hydrobiology is an environmental consulting company offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes of environmental systems. Our focus is technical excellence and high scientific expertise in our fields of work. We have been active in Southeast Asia since the organisation was first established in the early 2000s. Singapore is our first regional operations base in Asia.

Hydrobiology has a long history of undertaking projects throughout south east Asia.  We have experience with the extensive geographic and rich cultural diversity of the region, and have a deep understanding of high rainfall tropical ecosystems.

We offer technical skills to a range of industry sectors including mining, oil & gas, ports and harbours, and other industrial developments of various types.

We apply our skills to both marine and freshwater systems, including estuarine and marine flora and fauna ecology, habitat mapping, water and sediment quality monitoring, biomonitoring, ecotoxicology, river management and developing and implementing risk assessment frameworks.

We have developed an enviable reputation amongst our repeat clients for being the “go to” people for difficult and complex problems.

Celebrating 5 Years of Hydrobiology Singapore!

The Hydrobiology Group is extremely proud of the achievements of the Singapore Regional Office which celebrates its 5 year anniversary this month, delivering environmental solutions in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond! There are too many highlights to list, many large and small challenges (projects) to talk about, excellent interactions with clients and other colleagues, and…

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Singapore is located close to the equator and generally has a tropical climate with abundant rainfall, high temperatures, and high humidity throughout the year. However, inter-monsoon seasons are characterized by thunderstorms, which can be severe in the afternoon and early evening, prevalent with hot afternoons.  This was also the case for Hydrobiology Singapore, where they…

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