Hydrobiology team in 2011

Hydrobiology reaches 15 years

April saw Hydrobiology reach 15 years. Luckily someone remembered… 15 years seems to have gone in an instant but what a ride its been.  We have worked in all sorts of wonderful places all over the world, had fun and produced some great results for our clients.  We’ve seen the ‘mining boom’ come and go,…

Swamp Cat

New Toy for Fieldwork

We recently discovered a great new toy for undertaking fieldwork in extensive intertidal areas! This handy vehicle was our main mode of transport for a recent study of intertidal processes in north-western Australia, where ground conditions were treacherous to say the least. The intertidal zone was over 10 km in width and therefore there was…


Groundbreaking Research in Using Hydroacoustics

Hydrobiology has recently conducted groundbreaking tests to determine the viability of hydroacoustics to identify elasmobranchs (sharks and rays), without requiring netting. Hydrobiology was commissioned by Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) to undertake a survey of elasmobranchs (cartilaginous fish such as sharks and rays) near Weipa. Traditionally, surveys of this type are undertaken using methods which involve…


Monitoring Artificial Reefs with Hydroacoustics

Hydrobiology and Sustainability Oceans have partnered to trial the use of hydroacoustics to monitor biomass in artificial reef systems – a necessity for evaluating the effectiveness of fisheries management plans. Monitoring artificial reefs is an important tool to determine the return on investment for fisheries management. However, common sampling methods are labour intensive, provide only…


News For Brisbane

Updates on projects in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Andy Markham has been assessing the response of streams in the Lockyer Valley to the devastating floods of 2011 and 2012. The floods triggered a new phase of erosion and sedimentation processes that have altered the morphology and hydraulics of the creeks. This information will be…


News From Perth

News about ongoing projects in WA including monitoring Marine Environmental Quality Management Plans and contributing to the Living Lakes project. Our Perth office is continuing to undertake a wide range of programs at Cape Lambert which have been ongoing for 21 months including; coral, macroalgae, mangrove, imposex, oyster biomonitoring, water and sediment quality studies associated…


Diving for Science

Hydrobiology WA has recently acquired certification to dive in order to conduct monitoring studies for Rio Tinto. Our Perth office has recently completed auditing and field assessments for their commercial diving to AS2299.1:2007 and Rio Tinto standards. The first diving operations for Rio Tinto were undertaken in May to retrieve and replace 30 loggers including…